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100 ft underground waterfallSecret Caverns

Secret Caverns

The 60 minute guided cave tour descends 103 steps to the caverns walkway, and gives an intimate view of ancient calcite formations, prehistoric fossils, and the spectacular 100 foot underground waterfall. Don't forget to bring a light jacket and comfortable walking shoes. The caverns in this area were formed largely during the last Ice Age about 38,000 years ago. At that time, gigantic waterfalls pouring off the melting glaciers bored out great holes (glacial potholes) into the ground. Whenever these potholes formed over crevices in the bedrock, the slightly acidic meltwater eroded the rock, leaving the network or caverns below. Secret Caverns is "naturally cool"; it is beautiful, that's always cool; and the temperature remains at about 50 degrees even on a hot summer day!

Section:Upper Catskills
Telephone:(518) 296-8558

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