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Official Feedback

We support and encourage the efforts of Schoharie County lodging establishments, attractions, farms and restaurants in their willingness to share the financial burden for tourists choosing to spend their next fun-filled vacation here.
Earl Van Wormer, Chairman, Schoharie County Board of Supervisors

Customer Feedback

Our travel package went very smoothly. Having pre-paid tickets to all our destinations made traveling easier. The Howe Caverns tour was great. Your program saved us money and made travelfing more enjoyable.

We highly recommend it.
Tim & Marisa

I had a great time at Coopers Ark Farm. There were so many things I wouldn't have been able to do at any other place. Picking, washing, and packaging the eggs was great because it gave me the opportunity to feel like a real farmer.
Donny, age 12

Keep up the good work! The families of America need this type of help and support. I wish more people knew about you. I'll do what I can to help get the word out.
Recent visitor to our site

Our FuelingThefun package was great! It was nice to know that everything (tickets & directions) were waiting for us when we arrived at our hotel. It made our touring a lot easier!

The Farm tour at School Hill Farm was wonderful! The kids learned so much about life on a real family farm. Wow, farmers do work hard!
Donna Backus

Wonderful! We had such a great time. I can honestly say it was the Fueling the Fun package that attracted me, and it was what the package provided once we arrived that made us thoroughly enjoy ourselves. We did not have to worry about taxes, fees, ticket sales, or even the cost of gas for the ride home. One signature and we had it all. The price was very reasonable. I know these deals can be difficult to put together, but perhaps future packages could include a dinner for two one of the nights.

For folks worrying about costs or trying to get away on a budget, this package certainly fits the bill. The scenery was wonderful and Deb loved the thunder & lightening shows you people had nightly!! It made visiting the caves the next day a wet & memorable experience! We will be back in the fall....Keep the package!!!"
Christopher & Debbi
Agawam, Massachusetts

Organizing our trip through worked very well. It made traveling much easier.

The tour at Howe Caverns and our visits to the Iroquois Indian Museum and the Old Stone Fort were all very enjoyable.

We'll be back!
Lisandra and Louis