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The Things To Do listed below are well-established, family oriented and an easy drive from one another and the participating lodging facilities. Please be aware that not all of the attractions are handicapped accessible and require further confirmation if that is a concern.

Upper Catskills

A Real Farm Experience

OK Mr & Mrs. Lamb I will feed you milkA Real Farm Experience

Wake up with the animals! A family adventure on a working farm. Did you ever wonder how a farm gets started in the morning? There is no key or switch - it's called morning chores. Visit this working farm in the “Heart of the Schoharie Valley” and see how all the animals start their days! First, we go to the the farm next door to get milk for bottle feeding. Then, there's grinding grain, walking the mini donkey and horses, collecting eggs, moving the pastured chickens, bottle feeding the calves and baby lambs, bathing the emu's, and more! At 7:00am, before the other area attractions open, or even on your way home at 5:00pm, why not spend some one-on-one time learning about life on the farm with a former Long Islander turned farmer?

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Baseball Hall of Fame

The National Baseball Hall of FameBaseball Hall of Fame

Stands as the definitive repository of the game's treasures and as a symbol of the most profound individual honor bestowed on an athlete. Enjoy the history, artifacts, photographs, memorabilia, 200-seat theater multi-media presentation.

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Cooper's Ark Farm

Phil and HeidiCooper's Ark Farm

Phil and Pam Metzger invite you to their "little piece of heaven" nestled in the beautiful Schoharie Valley. The tour starts with a haywagon ride to the new barn (weather permitting). There you'll meet our hugable, loveable, petable animals. Also, children are encouraged to leave their pacifiers and baby blankets on the farm for the baby animals. We can adjust your visit to suit your needs. We're open during the Winter by appointment only. In most cases, we can accomodate Fuelingthefun reservations.

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Iroquois Indian Museum

Iroquois Indian Museum photo by John LeverettIroquois Indian Museum

Promotes the continuing creative spirit of the Iroquois. Exhibits of Iroquois arts, archeology, and history, festivals, public programs for adults and children, and self guided Nature Trails are all a part of the educational experience that awaits you.

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Maranatha Fitness Center

Maranatha Fitness Center

MFC offers more than just the complete package in total fitness. Our new 62,000 sq. ft. facility has been designed to meet the needs of the community, family and the individual. That means you. With all new fitness equipment, basketball court, indoor soccer turf, batting cage, innovative personal training programs, physical therapy, organized sports leagues, proactive platforms for children, teens and family; MFC motivates wellness in all. MFC isn't just a gym. It's your gym.

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Old Stone Fort Museum

The Old Stone FortOld Stone Fort Museum

Built as church (1772), fortified and attacked by British forces during the Revolution, the Old Stone Fort has been a museum of rural NY history and library since 1889. Exibits include a fire engine built before George Washington was born. Agricultural history is represented in a 1780 New World Dutch Barn and farm tools exhibit. The William W. Badgley Annex houses Schoharie's first automobile (a 1903 Rambler), "The Age of Wood" exhibit and changing exhibits. Visit the Hands-on 1890s schoolhouse, one of seven historical and museum buildings. Amenities include costumed interpreters, a gift shop specializing in books on local/regional history, and handicapped-accessible rest rooms and picnic facilities.

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Secret Caverns

100 ft underground waterfallSecret Caverns

The 60 minute guided cave tour descends 103 steps to the caverns walkway, and gives an intimate view of ancient calcite formations, prehistoric fossils, and the spectacular 100 foot underground waterfall. Don't forget to bring a light jacket and comfortable walking shoes. The caverns in this area were formed largely during the last Ice Age about 38,000 years ago. At that time, gigantic waterfalls pouring off the melting glaciers bored out great holes (glacial potholes) into the ground. Whenever these potholes formed over crevices in the bedrock, the slightly acidic meltwater eroded the rock, leaving the network or caverns below. Secret Caverns is "naturally cool"; it is beautiful, that's always cool; and the temperature remains at about 50 degrees even on a hot summer day!

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